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1. share holding pattern as on 30.09.2018
3.28th Annual General Meeting
4.Annual Secretarial Compliance Report 31.03.2020
6.Board Meeting for 31.12.2018
7.Board of Directors as on 30.06.2019
8.Closure of Trading Window 31.12.2019
9.Closure trading Window 31.12.2020
10.Company deatils
11.compliance certificate UR 7(3) from 1.10.2016 to 31.03.2017
12.Compliance report on 30.09.2020
13.Corporate Goverance Report
14.Corporate goverance report as on 31.03.2021
15.Corporate governance report
16.Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2018
17.Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2020
18.Corporate Governance Report 30.09.17
19.Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2018
20.Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2019
21.corporate governance report 30_6_2017
22.corporate governance report 31.03.2021
23.Corporate Governance Report 31.12.2017
24.Corporate Governance Report 31.12.2020
25.Corporate Governance Report as on 31.03.2019
26.Corporate Governance Report for 30.09.2020
27.Corporate Governance Report for 31.12.2018
28.Corporate_Governance_Report__as on 31.03.2020
29.Disclosure of Material Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic
30.e-VOTING Result of 27th AGM
31.Format of Disclosures under Regulation 30(1) and 30(2)
32.Intimation Letter 31.03.2020
33.Intimation Letter 31.12.2019
34.intimation letter of 28th AGM
35.Intimation letter of Board Meeting date for unaudited financial result 30.09.19
36.Intimation letter on 30.09.2020
37.Intimation Letter Unaudited financial Result as on 31.12.2020
38.Intimation of Demise
40.Invesrtor complaints __as on 31.03.2020
41.Investor Complaints as on 31.03.2019
42.Investor Compliance
43.Investor Compliance
44.Investor compliance 30.09.2020
45.Investor Compliance 30.6.2017
46.Investor Compliance 30.6.2018
47.Investor Compliance 31.12.2017
48.Investor compliance as on 31.03.2021
49.Investor Compliance as on 31.12.2018
50.Investor compliant 31.12.2020
51.Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit 30.06.2017
52.Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit 30.06.2018
53.Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit 31.12.2017
54.Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit as on 31.12.2018
55.Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report as on 31.03.2019
56.Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report as on 31.12.2019
57.Reconciliation Share Capital Audit Report as on 30.09.2019
58.Reconciliation Share Capital Audit Report as on 31.03.2021
59.Reconciliation Share Capital Audit Report as on 31.12.2020
60.Regulation 40 (9)
61.Regulation 40(9)__as on 31.03.2020
62.related party disclosure 30.09.2020
63.Related party disclosure 31.03.2020
64.Resonciliation of Share Capital Audit Report 30.09.2020
65.Scrutinizer report of 27th AGM
66.Scrutinizer_Report 2016-2017
67.Sebi Circular regarding debt as on 31.03.2019
68.Share Capital Audit as on 30.06.2020
69.Share capital Audit report__as on 31.03.2020
70.Share holding pattern 31.12.2020
71.share holding pattern as on 30.06.2017
72.share holding pattern as on 30.06.2018
73.Share holding Pattern as on 30.06.2020
74.Share holding pattern as on 30.09.2019
75.share holding pattern as on 31.03.2017
76.Share holding pattern as on 31.03.2021
77.share holding pattern as on 31.12.2017
78.Share Holding Pattern Report__as on 31.03.2020
79.Shareholding pattern 30.09.17
80.Shareholding Pattern as on 30.06.2019
81.Shareholding Pattern as on 30.06.2019
82.Shareholding Pattern as on 31.03.2019
83.Shareholding Pattern as on 31.12.2018
84.Shareholding pattern as on 31.12.2019
85.Summary of Proceedings of the 26th Annual General Meeting
86.Summery of Proceedings of the 27th AGM
87.Voting Result 25th AGM
88.Voting Result and Scrutinizer Report 26th AGM
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